About us

We create and develop technologies reducing human factor related risks to guarantee the prevention of accidents and collisions for the major companies of various fields. Our company unites highly qualified specialist in the sphere of company management and ERP-solutions creation, hardware, software and medical equipment developers.


Human is the core of every system. His prosperity and security depends upon successfulness of ideas and efficiency of the technologies providing realization of the same. Human factor reliability in transportation is of a great importance. At that, tiredness and lack of sleep, stress and illnesses result in inadequate reaction of an employee and consequent mistake. It is crucial that a mistake to be averted by preventive medical and administrative measures.

The core of our technology is the introduction of the innovative process of human reliability management. The technology allows early identificiation of negative tendencies in functional condition of a human with the use of high-precision medical equipment and organization of the regular preventive measures to avoid dangerous conditions in health of the employee.


We created the innovative solution for the efficient functional condition diagnostics. The laboratory provides the possibility of simultaneous measurement and analysis of heart rate and blood pressure(by two means: compression and decompression), the shape of pulse wave, electrographic research and assessment of the functional state. The core of the laboratory is the hardware-software measuring unit KAPD-02-ST. Our equipment provide high level of the signal registration, measurement, record and analysis of heart rate and blood pressure according to the world-wide standarts.

On the basis of the laboratory we develop informational screening solutions applied at the state system of public health institutions of the Russian Federation. 

Automated system of pre-shift examination


Automated system of dynamic control


Electrophysiological laboratory for functional condition monitoring


Human is the core of every system.

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